Game of Thrones study 22/04/15

Work in progress – Pokemon fan art!

Animal studies – March 2015

Animal studies – March 2015

Work in progress (05/03/15)

Daily landscape study from Feb

Initial sketch for character of the week competition on Brief is to bring an Adventure Time character ‘to life’.

Sketchbook page 05/02/15

Study from The Hobbit – 45 mins

Environment thumbnails – focusing on speed and simple, readable values

Landscape studies – <30 mins each (19-01 – 24/01)

Post-it note sketches (19/01 – 24/01)


Sketch based on a photo.

Sargent studies – value on left, colour on right. Can’t take credit for the originals in the middle :)!

Finished piece for challenge. The brief was: “The Greek gods have stayed out of humanity’s affairs for quite some time now. So instead they spend their time with their own kind. But some who have always had an interest in humans still stay close. Selene, the goddess of the moon, takes on a human form and roams among us, as if she were a mortal. She is pale in complexion and has long, light golden hair. She is always marked with the symbol of the moon.” (source:

Additional rules were she had to be human, female, in modern clothing and have the symbol of the moon on her.

Continued work on challenge on

Sketches for a challenge over at

RuneScape – Cape concepts

RuneScape – cape concept

RuneScape – cape concept

RuneScape – Guitar concepts for an animation

RuneScape – Vanquisher outfit concepts

RuneScape – Weapon upgrade concept

Piece in progress